Technical Office

Technical Management

Within the company, the activity carried out by the Technical Office is especially important. In addition to coordinating jobs and design, if any, the Technical Office can also ensure expert consulting to the customer, with a strong aptitude for “problem-solving”. We consider it crucial to not only supply our customers with new installations but also to guarantee proper assistance over time.

Process Engineering

There are human resources at the company who have acquired longstanding experience in the  management of problems typical of installations in the chemical-pharmaceutical sectors and are able to communicate with the customer to fully understand the functional and operational needs of the systems in order to turn them into Functional Specifications. Issuing this type of documentation allows us to facilitate the conversion of said Specifications into operational programs, since the company has implemented a compiling structure such as to reflect itself in duly structured software modules.

Validation Services

Engineering during the various conceptual, basic and detail hardware and/or software phases of the control system, assisted by in-depth knowledge of issues associated with batch processes and with the applied regulations and guidelines.
Preparation and drawing up of quality, validation design documents (URS, QPP, VPP, FS, DS) and of qualification protocols (Internal tests, FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ) associated with the control system.

Professional refresher programs

The constant push to boost the professionalism of our technicians is ensured by the constant focus on  training, motivation and technological update of the company’s human resources.
This special focus translates into an ever-growing increase in the quality and safety of the company’s products and solutions.