The warehouse: a real strength

For a company such as ours, where the product is made at the final customer’s, the warehouse becomes the centre of company processes; specifically, its contribution is crucial in terms of internal construction of artefacts and execution of onsite jobs.

We have always relied on a well-stocked warehouse. Thanks to smart logistics, we can check material availability in real time in order to quickly manage the start of all acquired work-orders. Moreover, the wide variety of materials on stock allows us to step in quickly in case urgent maintenance is needed.

We aim to combine two needs which are often incompatible: a high level of Customer service along with adequate stock level, all in tune with a competitiveness and cost management policy that is always on target.

Company Fleet: a complete vehicle fleet

Our company fleet consists of over 40 vehicles, including:

  • Automobiles
  • Vans
  • Truck-mounted platforms with basket
  • Lifting platforms

CLIVATECH has equipped with its own personnel and material handling means. In order to carry out all sorts of jobs at height safely and efficiently, the company relies on lifting platforms with or without operators, truck-mounted or self-propelled.
Thanks to the characteristics of this equipment, CLIVATECH’s customers always perceive the company as being highly operational and efficient.