Electrical Installations

Installations have always represented our strength

CLIVATECH® is a company specialized in the construction of industrial electrical systems operating throughout Bergamo and Northern Italy. The company was founded in 1960 as a small laboratory dedicated to the design and construction of electrical systems. Today CLIVATECH® manufactures electrical systems for every type of industry, diversifying its offer according to the customer’s production sector and its specific needs. In addition, it is the qualified partner for the design and construction of industrial electrical systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and plastic industries.

Both in Milan and the rest of northern Italy, CLIVATECH® offers its customers industries a complete follow up from design to commissioning. The technical office, mind and heart of the company, coordinates the work with precision, assuring the client, in a preliminary way, a complete consulting finalized to the prediction and solution of problems.

The constant training and the many years of experience that has seen CLIVATECH® play a leading role in non-homogeneous environments, have allowed the company to develop a considerable “Know How” that has materialized mainly in the supply and installation of:

Specifically, we deal with the supply and installation of:

  • Installations from design to commissioning
  • Medium voltage transformer stations
  • Transport and distribution installations in medium and low voltage
  • Electro-instrumental and pneumatic installations for production processes
  • Systems intended for environments with risk of explosions caused by gas/vapour (Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2) and dust (Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22) in Exd, Exe and Exi execution
  • Special installations (smoke detectors, gas detectors, access control)
  • Installations for LAN networks