CLIVATECH was founded in 1960 bearing the name of its founder, MARIO CLIVATI. The company started in a small laboratory with five employees, dealing with motor winding and developing electric systems in the artisan and small business sector.

During the course of the years, it gradually expanded, hiring new skilled personnel and setting up its own technical department for job coordination and design activities, if required.


Our organization, based on precise coordination between the various skills, allows timely management of the work-orders. Our aim is to meet the needs of our customers in a flexible manner, at the same time ensuring utmost productivity, keeping well in mind issues such as quality and safety, as confirmed by our experience and competence in the sector as well as by our Certifications.

This philosophy, which the company has been following for years, sets us apart from other companies operating in the same sector.


SERIATE (BG) headquarter


CLIVATECH administrative offices and operational facilities are located in Seriate, province of Bergamo: the facilities feature a covered area of 4,500 m2, divided into offices, warehouse, switchboard department and garage, and an outdoor area of 2,000 m2 used for parking and material storage. The layout is such as to be able to handle any growth in both the operational part and the managerial part.

Administrative and Operational Facilities:

24068 SERIATE (BG) Italy – Via Comonte 24/c
Tel. +39 035 295 153 – Fax +39 035 293 967

ORIGGIO (VA) branch

Filiale: ORIGGIO

Within the framework of a strategy aimed at a more capillary territorial positioning, in 2013 CLIVATECH opened a Branch in Origgio, province of Varese, with the objective of improving its services. The Branch is located close to Milan, to the Malpensa International Airport and to the cities of Como and Varese, in other words right in the middle of the highly productive Northern Italy and close to all major road arteries.


21040 ORIGGIO (VA) Italy – Via Saronnino 86/b
Tel. +39 02 967 34171


CLIVATECH®, based on a precise coordination between the various competences, allows a punctual management of the orders. The aim is to flexibly meet the needs of our customers and at the same time ensure maximum productivity, bearing in mind issues such as quality and safety dictated not only by experience and expertise in the field, but also by our certifications. This philosophy, which we have been cultivating for years, distinguishes us in the sector.

A well-consolidated structure, where each position has its own space and personnel, capable of meeting the needs of the customer, which can rely at any time on a competent and well-informed partner.

The workforce is currently made up of one hundred employees, subdivided as follows:

Corporate services

  • Administrative staff
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Purchasing Office
Technical services

  • Prime contractors
  • Building Installations Office
  • Switchboards Technical Office
  • Automation Technical Office
Production and Logistics

  • Site foremen
  • Site operators
  • Panel operators
  • Warehouse workers